What our patients say?

Rezūm™ Office Procedure for Enlarged Prostate

I have had prostate problems for the past 30 years and have been on medication for most of that time. I am now 80 year of age and have tried other means of treatment but still needed the terazosin, but the side effects became worse as I aged. If I stopped it, then I could not urinate. Two prior prostate procedures gave only short-term relief. Since I still enjoy a reasonable sex life, I did not want to experience the side effects that other surgical options would create yet I did want to get off of the medication.

I learned of the RezūmTM procedure and consulted with Eric Chenven, M.D. who found that I was a suitable candidate. I had the RezūmTM done on 12/12/2019 and it was easily tolerated. By a week after the procedure, I could urinate normally, as if I was 30 yrs. old again with a strong stream. I was also able to completely stop my prostate medication so all of the related side effects from it have stopped.

You just don’t appreciate something as simple as having a normal urine stream. I strongly recommend Dr. Chenven and the RezūmTM procedure if you are having problems with an enlarged prostate as I was.

D.H. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-Shot and Shockwave Therapy for ED

I am a 61 year old man who had lost all ability to have an erection due to a number of medical issues. I decided to get my diabetes under control, exercise, lose weight, and get sober. My blood pressure even improved but despite all that, I still had severe ED; until I met Dr. Chenven.

After a very detailed history, exam and workup with labs and a penile ultrasound, we developed a customized treatment plan which consisted of testosterone replacement and then platelet rich plasma injections and shockwave treatments. Over the following twelve weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my erections but I wanted more. I requested a second round of treatments.

I am now five months out from second course of treatment and able to have erections powerful enough to engage in intercourse. It’s important to note that I continue to see further improvement. I believe that a return to frequent and enjoyable sexual activity has augmented the therapies that have worked so effectively. I am a happy guy!

S.N. - Pompano Beach, Florida

Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Eric Chenven, and his team of skilled professionals, recently performed the shockwave therapy on myself to treat my condition of penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease). The procedure consisted of six individual Shockwave treatments, all performed at Dr. Chenven’s facility. There was noticeable improvement of my condition after the first three treatments, and a complete elimination of my problem after all six treatments. After several months since the treatments, there remain no signs of the condition. Based upon the complete elimination of my problem, I was able to return to have more “normal” sexual intercourse, without the complications associated with penile curvature. I continue to have greater confidence in my ability, and the associated self-assurance that has allowed me to enter into new relationships. Based upon my personal experiences with Dr. Chenven, his team and their application of the shockwave therapy, I would highly recommend this treatment for an individual who has a similar condition as I had.

M.E.A. - Pompano Beach, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

After having the PRP Procedure (P-Shot) there was a definite increase in our desire to have sex. There was also a definite increase in erection and the firmness came with them. I no longer had to be in fear of a spontaneous situation and how I would be able to perform. My partner of many years also noticed a big difference in our frequency and satisfaction with sex. We both had a MUCH better experience. Dr. Chenven explained everything in a very understandable way that made me very comfortable with the PRP Procedure. My only regret is that I didn’t have the procedure sooner.

E.T. (70 year old male) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

I had the PRP and “Shock Wave” treatments for issues surrounding my inability to get and maintain erections. Since my course of treatment, I must say that I am once again able to achieve a full erection that is as firm as when I was a much younger man. Additionally, I can ejaculate without any problems.

I’m quite happy with the results and would recommend this treatment to any man that is dealing with ED.

Stephen C. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

I had a pretty serious case of erectile dysfunction (E.D.) so I was looking for a doctor who could help me. I was referred by another doctor. After I was treated with the P-shotTM (platelet rich plasma), I went back to normal function almost completely erasing all of the symptoms of the E.D. It’s been over a year now since the shot and all is working well, and perhaps even better than initially. I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Chenven, a specialist in E.D., for the P-shotTM.

Tom D. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

After a successful, nerve sparing, robot-assisted radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, I still had some ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Even with exercises and medications the problem was not corrected. A P-Shot was recommended and it provided immediate improvement in erection frequency, rigidity, and duration. I continue with my exercises (using the pump) and medications and my erectile function a year after my P-Shot and is as good as others my age and is better than after my operation.

Bill A. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

I have been a patient of Dr. Eric Chenven for over a decade. Recently I had difficulties with ED.

Dr. Chenven suggested a procedure generally considered alternative medicine whereby the patient’s own blood is drawn, processed into platelets and then injected into the penis.

The process of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Penile Injection Procedure) is fairly new. I would not even have considered it except for my long association with Dr. Chenven. I know him as a leading medical professional, one of the top in his field, and I trust his medical judgment.

Based upon his recommendation I agreed. This program involved a team effort requiring detailed testing, patient physical therapy participation, and yes, a penile injection.

I am happy to report that the procedure has achieved desirable results. I credit Dr. Chenven and his staff with outstanding professionalism, technical knowledge and procedures. To me this “outside the box” concept worked but it was only made possible by working with this truly outstanding professional doctor.

C.H. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

P-SHOT (PRP Penile Injection)

I am in my late 70’s. I had the P shot done by Dr. Chenven. It was painless and professionally administered. It also worked!! I gained 1/8 inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth. Erections are now easier to maintain. I would highly recommend doing it.

Paul B. – Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Dr. Chenven provided sound consultation and addressed all of my concerns with humor, gentleness, grace, and intellect. I honestly felt he was walking me through a journey. On the day of my vasectomy, he explained and reminded me of the process in detail - both the surgery and what I could expect postop. Post surgery went as explained and I had minimal discomfort. My surgery was on a Friday and I went to work on Monday. My wife appreciated his care and awareness of her and my kids. I highly recommend Dr. Chenven based on my personal experience and observation of his professionalism, care and empathy.


Greenlight Laser for Enlarged Prostate

I have been suffering for a number of years with various kidney and bladder symptoms. My internist suggested I consult with Dr. Chenven. He was very professional in explaining that my most recent symptoms were the result of an enlarged prostate gland. More importantly given my age and previous medical history, knowing I am a retired physician, he took significant time in going over all the treatment options and suggested that Green Light laser surgery would by my best choice. Given Dr. Chenven’s technical expertise in all treatment modalities I went with the recommended surgery and within 6 weeks with my symptoms improved 100%. I am now back to a normal life style with a great quality of life. As a physician, I can truly say Dr. Chenven is someone I would highly recommend to any friend or family member.

Benjamin Kanarek, MD, PhD

Greenlight Laser for Enlarged Prostate

After experiencing a burning sensation with frequent urination and a weak stream, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Eric Chenven. I was aware that I had an enlarged prostate and medications were not effective in clearing up problems from it. After a consultation, the decision was made to perform the GreenLight Laser Therapy to open up the prostate and improve the irons flow. The procedure was performed as an outpatient with minimal discomfort and the recovery proceeded on a daily basis returning to normal everyday activities in a short period of time. I now have a change in lifestyle to where I can eat out, enjoy a full length movie or attend sporting events without trips to the bathroom. The urine stream is very strong and my nights of sleep are minimally interrupted. The discomfort is gone and I have returned to normal living much happier and better off.

Richard D.


Well it’s been about three months since I had my vasectomy done by Dr. Chenven at Broward Urology Center and all is good. The initial consultation was extremely informative. He and his nurse spent a great deal of time with me explaining the procedure in detail. Shortly thereafter I scheduled the procedure and everything went exactly as I had hoped. No need for any pain meds afterward and felt back to normal after a few hours. Took it easy for a couple of days and then followed up with the two subsequent specimens which were both negative. That’s it.

Michael C


You just don’t appreciate something as simple as having a normal urine stream. I strongly recommend Dr. Chenven and the RezūmTM procedure if you are having problems with an enlarged prostate as I was.

D.H. – Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I believe that a return to frequent and enjoyable sexual activity has augmented the therapies that have worked so effectively. I am a happy guy!

S.N. – Pompano Beach, Florida


I continue to have greater confidence in my ability, and the associated self-assurance that has allowed me to enter into new relationships.

M.E.A. – Pompano Beach, Florida