Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our physicians are the Broward County’s leaders in complex endoscopic procedures using the world’s smallest cameras to treat various kidney conditions including kidney stones as well as robotic Da Vinci® surgery in the treatment of prostate and kidney conditions.

Endoscopic Procedures

Broward Urology Center physicians strive to use the latest, most up-to-date equipment in the investigation and treatment of various Urological conditions. We use the thinnest, high definition cameras and scopes to investigate the urinary tract with the most precision, accuracy and reliability. All the facilities we take our patients to, also have the latest gadgets to make your experience the least invasive as possible for kidney stone treatments to cancer evaluations and treatments.

Robotic Da Vinci®

Dr. Vladislav Gorbatiy has been the main provider of complex Urological Robotic Surgical care of patients since 2013 at Holy Cross Hospital and Broward Health Medical Center, a Surgical Review Corporation Robotic Center of Excellence. He had completed a 2-year fellowship in Robotics and Endoscopic training at University of Miami beyond the typical Urological training. He is individually accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation as a Master Surgeon based on case volumes, superior outcomes and low complications.

Dr. Gorbatiy has also been the first Urologist in Broward County to spearhead the use of the single-port (SP) Robotics platform that utilizes only a single 1-2 inch incision to do the entire operation. We are thrilled to offer this option to most of our patients in hopes to

First SP robotic case at Broward Health Medical Center