What is the Uroflow test?

You have been asked to come in for a Uroflow test. This test is to help us objectively measure the strength of your urinary flow.

How do I prepare for this test?

Please come in with a full bladder. Do NOT urinate before coming to the office. It is advisable to drink several glasses of water (about 20 ounces) before coming to the office. If this is not possible due to a lengthy ride or other travel concerns, you may come in and we will give you water to drink at the office. Please be aware that this will take considerably more time than if you drink ahead of time. We have reading material here in the office or you may bring a book if you so desire.

The test itself only takes a few moments and is noninvasive. You may eat normally before coming in.

How long does the test take?

Normally the test takes only a few minutes to do.

How do I find out the results and how do I interpret them?

In most cases, the test is done quickly and you may go on with your day. The doctor will review the test results and go over the interpretation of the examination on your next office visit.